10 Ways Colour can improve your life

Posted on March 8, 2017

I’m sure there are more than just 10 ways Colour can improve your life, but here are my top favourites!

Can Colour  change the way we feel?

Colour has such a strong impact on our mood and wellbeing. I’d go as far as to say colour can heal, change mood and the way you feel. Because using colour can definitely improve your life, Ive put together some tips!

Colour is all around around us, in our clothing, home, work and outdoor environments. So, choosing the right colours to feel good has a massive impact on our lives. Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play keno. Increased odds for winning! 

As an artist I’ve found on a daily basis I can make a huge difference in the way I feel by adding or eliminating certain colours from around me. Therefore I use colour in my paintings to shift the way I feel and pass that on to others. Even if you are not creative, you can learn how to choose colours to keep you feeling great!

On some subliminal level, we all know that colour affects the way we feel. As a result, we are naturally drawn to colours which create a certain feeling. The trick is to notice whether that colour is working for you in a positive way, or not!

OK, so here are my top 10 Ways Colour can improve your life

  1.  Wear what makes you feel good.

    Every morning check in on how you are feeling. Often we feel tired or sad  in our minds therefore choose greys, blacks, beiges to wear. Dull neutral colour often reflects a feeling of being down. Furthermore, choosing a dark or neutral can also be a way of hiding, camouflaging or making ourselves disappear in a crowd.

    Check in to why you are choosing to wear that colour. If indeed you are feeling a bit low or tired, grab something brighter and happier from the wardrobe. Choose a colour which makes you feel more confident and happier. As a result your mood for the day will be positive.

    If you need a lift, fresh Spring like colours will invigorate, lift the energy & give you a pick up. Therefore combining bright uplifting colours with softer tones will have the effect of lifting energy but calming as well, whereas using one refreshing colour will revitalise & keep you perky.                                                                                       choose a bright colour to wear and feel good

  2. Get a colourful feature wall to lift your room.

    A bold touch of colour in a room totally changes perspective. Use a colour which makes you feel good and create a feature wall in your living or bedroom. Complement the colour with touches and details in cushions, rugs or paintings. as a result, the room with be infused with feel good.

    While having a stronger colour in your living space will wake up the room, dull greys can be depressing. So, your own mood will shift being surrounded by a colour which has a positive connotation. Get some ideas below of which colours generate feelings of wellbeing. 

    If you are too scared to go for a whole wall, try hanging some coloured scarves on the wall to see how a colour might feel. Alternatively play around with some small match pots from the DIY store. Paint some large sheets of card or paper in a range of colours and try them on the wall for a few days each. As a result, you will soon feel the different effects and then confidently go for painting the wall.

  3. Surround yourself by colourful Art.                                                                                                                                      

    Art can have a powerful affect on how you feel. Evocative, moving, powerful, Art touches our hearts and souls. Whatever your personal choice, be it be vibrant abstracts, soothing seascapes or summery flower paintings it will affect how you feel.

    Be bold and fill your rooms with paintings, prints, photographs.

    See how inspired you feel when your senses are stimulated by the images around you. Once your walls are covered in Art you will never go back. Seeing a blank wall will feel like there is no life in a space!

  4. Use calm colours to relieve stress.

    To relieve the stress of daily life use soothing colours as a relaxing balm. Surround yourself with soft blues, delicate greens, lilacs and cream/whites in your space. They really do soothe & heal, calming the mind & body. 

    In spaces you want to relax in, create havens of cool soothing colour and add soft, pleasing textures to feed the senses. A bathroom in blues, a deep relaxing bath and fluffy blue or green towels. Consequently, a living room in bluebell tones, duck egg or fern shades will instantly act a s a balm to the stressed mind. 

    Soft colour tones of blue, duck egg, green create relaxation in a space

  5. Be more confident with Cerise and bright pink.

    Bringing a strong burst of Confidence into your life is Cerise! A colour representing feminine strength and new beginnings. Looking at the pink strength of cerise gives an instant internal ‘whoop,whoop! lets go!’ Therefore, if you want to inject some positive female power, acid pinks, lime green contrasts just boost the mind & gee up the body. 

    cerise pink colour for confidence

    colour Cerise-Confidence energy, feminine strength 

  6. Reach you inner spirit with Lilac & Turquoise.

    Lilac & turquoise are colours of the soul. so, if you want to focus on your inner wellbeing, the more spiritual side of yourself these colours will take you there. They touch the soul, uplifting the spirit, calming therefore creating a sense of meditative peace. Surround yourself in these ethereal colours and bring out your inner Yoda! 

     Find a room or even a corner to be at peace, meditate and chill. Lilac and turquoise around you will help you to reach that place of calm introspection. Cushions, throws, candles in these tones bring out the inner soulful side.

  7.  Use bright Spring tones to relieve tiredness.

    The bright cheerful colours of Spring make a huge difference to how we feel.

    It seems like Spring itself gives us a burst of energy and life. As a result, bright tones, yellows, pinks, greens bring a boost of Vitality and energy. If you find yourself tired and exhausted get a bit of these happy colours into your life. 

    Full of energy & life Spring colour adds Vitality


  8. Banish the Winter Blues 

    When Winter sets in with grey skies, rain and cold, the light disappears. Therefore many of us find our energy and mood sinking. It’s natural to want to hibernate in the Winter yet there are ways to dispel feelings of tiredness and depression using colour.

    Think of the colours you associate with Summer. The medley of glorious brightness nature throws at us in warm seasons. Bring these colours into your life in the Winter makes all the difference much as going on a holiday!

    Buy yourself bunches of colourful flowers and dot them around your home or office. Surround yourself with paintings of gardens, flowers, sunny beaches and warm places. Your mind will constantly be transported to those happy, warm places. You will find yourself perking up with endless summer around you. It may sound simple but it really works! 

    summer colour in flowers

    Bring Summer colour into your home with flowers

  9. Generate some Passion with Red!I once read somewhere that Red cars cost more to insure because their drivers tend to be feisty and passionate, and speed a lot!Since Red is the colour of passion, use it to effect! Think of Flamenco dancers, swirling reds full of passion and strength. Red roses, always associated with romance much as red lipstick is associated with kisses.Consequently, if you want some passion in your life go with big, bold red. When you see a woman in a red dress you therefore instantly think that she is passionate and sexy. therefor if you wear that dress  you will probably emanate a mischievous glow, a sway of the hips and a great feeling.Sassy, bold and fiery red brings out the inner fire. Consequently a bright red lipstick and a scarf or high heeled red shoes can give you the confidence to strut your stuff! Most of all, have courage, dare to bring out your passionate nature.

    Maybe it can be a little touch or your own little secret. Go to a meeting which intimates you wearing red underwear beneath your business like suit and see how much more confidence you have! 

  10. Always feel warm with hot colours.

    If you are one of those people who feel the cold. Surround yourself with warm hues. Gold’s, rust’s, orange’s, red’s will instantly bring some warmth to your life. As a result you will feel warmer just by being around them. Furthermore,cool colours like blues and greens will lower the temperature. 

    Most of all, choose colours you love! 

These are just a few of the way in which colour can improve your life and bring changes to enhance every day. Finally, If you would like to bring some colour into your life with Art, have a browse through my gallery. You will find an abundance of colour to suit every mood. Because you never know they may even bring something new to you life . Click here to see more


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