Have a mind mini holiday- 7 ways to relax!

Posted on March 14, 2017

How to relax & get life back into balance, when you have little time. Take a Mind Mini Holiday. Here’s how…

We all get off Balance as the stresses of daily life take over.

Do you ever get times when you start to feel restless, something niggles and pulls at you, a need to get away? Seems like life’s stress is taking over. What you need is a mind mini holiday!

Daily life, family, work, stresses start to weigh you down. Suddenly, you realise that you cannot remember the last time you had a bit of time all to yourself. As a result  juggling multiple roles, being a parent, having a job, managing a home, being a carer, a friend, leaves no time for YOU. We pour out of ourselves love, energy, compassion, effort, almost forgetting that we need something too. Play with us at the best casino on the internet at bingo deposit 5 get bonus. Doubled deposit! Go over and win!

Therefore, sometimes, the need to replenish, to take a breath and rest feels overwhelming. Hence the need to be alone becomes paramount. Suddenly, we realise it has been months there was a moment just for  being yourself. It’s toime for a mind mini holiday.

The great escape! My mind mini holiday.

The other day, I ran away! Got in the car, onto the Dartmouth ferry and over to to Collation Fishacre. Being on the ferry, I could feel a little buzz of excitement. Like a naughty schoolgirl playing hooky. I opened the window and the sensation of sea air on my face made me tingle with pleasure. On my own after so long was astounding. Most of all, the air smelt fresher, the aroma of the flowers and the birdsong took on a life of its own. It was as if I could feel nature breathing, every blade of grass whispering in the breeze. As a result taking a deep breath myself, I felt my body let go and relax. While my mind expanded to take in every tiny detail around me.

The rhythmic buzz of bees and insects became my sound track. The tangy aroma of ransoms , the sweet essence of daffodils my perfume. Feeling almost surreal, seems like if I was vaguely on another plane away from real life.

Most of all, the solitude was such a gift it made me realise how very little time I get to myself. A mind mini holiday!

The best Cup of tea EVER!

Subsequently, even stopping  for a cup of tea became a wonderful experience.  The taste of the tea was so intense, so refreshing like nectar of the God’s! So to be able to actually focus on the flavour, without distraction, was magical. Probably, these days I guess it comes under the label of Mindfulness. The sheer concentration on what is there in the moment. Just appreciating the little things.

Consequently, it made me realise that I’m constantly being demanded of, judged, wanted, needed,demanded of. Constantly thinking of others needs with my head chattering away, while I lose so much sensation because I’m always in my mind, buzzing with their needs. Don’t get me wrong, I give that because I care about those people and I never resent it. I just crave a little bit of time and care for myself too. Therefore, it’s up to me to carve out those moments and relish them.

Most of all the silence and stillness of being in a garden on my own, just re-woke my senses. Made me realise what ‘mindfulness’ really means. Actually experiencing and sensing everything around me totally because all of my focus is on little things not on others needs.

Hence that was the best cup of tea I’ve ever had!

Reconnecting with Life & with creativity

Consequently, I must remember to make more time for myself. To enjoy and nurture the little things, to recharge myself, reconnect with the creativity.

Whatever you do in your life, it’s so important to make that time.

I tend to come back & paint what I have experienced. So sinking myself into the creative process and creating a painting, becomes a meditation. Therefore work becomes pleasure. Most of all, I recapture that feeling of peaceful calm I felt in the gardens.

The lovely thing is that the paintings then have the same soothing effect. Therefore having captured the moment and generated the same feeling, they become a magical windows of peace on the wall. I use them as a mind mini holiday too. Seems like even 5 minutes relaxing in front of a painting does the job!


flower painting

7 ways to recharge those batteries and make time for yourself. 

I can feel a few more opportunities for a mind mini holiday coming on… even if they are for a few moments or a few hours at a time.

What works for you? Here are a few ideas.. Go on , I encourage you, challenge you to try one or two of these this week and just see what a difference it can make to the following few days

  1. A hot bath with candles– First of all, close the door, turn off the phone, tell everyone in the house you are unavailable. Indulge yourself. Use your favourite aromatherapy oil to infuse the steamy air with fragrance. Sink down into the water. Feel it’s warmth embrace you. Breathe slowly and deeply. Close your eyes and just focus on the sensations in your body. Sense those muscles unwinding and relaxing. Finally, let your mind drift and just be in that warm bubble of bliss. It’s amazing how effective that can be to make you feel good.
  2. A walk in the park- Maybe you can find half an hour in the day to get outside. It might just be the local park, or a garden. While you walk with a rhythm, focus on each step. Take in the air as you breather and focus on the sights and sounds around you. Let your mind be with nature for a while, it has it’s own healing power. Furthermore, if you can make this a routine, a few times a week, all the better.
  3. A cup of tea and slice of cake in your favourite cafe- Sometimes it’s great to indulge, just a little bit. Maybe you’ve been doing the shopping, dropped the children off or on your way home from work. Take 10 minutes to pop into a favourite cafe. Wile you look at the selection of treats on offer think of thing you love most, and have it! A bit of indulgence probably does us good once in a while! Just sit and enjoy every mouthful, the flavour of the tea or frothiness of the coffee. Let a piece of delicious cake melt slowly on your tongue. No phones, no tablets, no thoughts of the day.. just you and the pleasure.
  4. Sitting on a beach- If you can make it to a coast, or a lake or river. Maybe find a spot near some water. The beach is my favourite. Just sit here and let yourself be. Let your mind drift of with the movement of the water, the sound of the waves. Let the light sparkles on the surface take you somewhere else. Water is incredibly soothing. 
  5. Looking quietly at a sunset- Wherever you are, take a moment to appreciate a sunset. They are free shows nature has created to make us feel good. Whether you are looking out of the window, sitting on a hillside or in a garden, just look at the spectacle in the sky. Let your mind drift into the changing colours and drifting clouds. As the colours mellow and sun sinks, let your worries and stress drift down with it. Let go of it all. As the day ends let it all float away with the setting sun and relax. Consequently, you’ll sleep better for it. 
  6. Going outside on a clear night and just looking at the stars for a while- You are at home, the working day over. Maybe the children are in bed. It’s a clear night. Take a moment to go outside and look at the sky. The moons soft glow and a myriad of starts glittering in the sky. Most of all, let your mind loose as your eyes drift from star to star. Find patterns and constellations. The darkness of the night is like a secure blanket around you, hence, the rest of the world is hidden in it’s folds. Five minutes, thats all just a little time to breathe and be alone and let it all float away.
  7. Sitting in front of your favourite painting with a cup of tea for 10 minutes- Finally, Snuggle into a comfy seat with your favourite hot drink, and relax. Take a mind mini holiday as you almost drift off into the world of the painting. Look at the colours, the tones, let them soothe you, while following the shapes and lines with your eyes. Let the colour flow through you and give you it’s essence. Transport yourself to a different place. 

Go on, make some time for yourself! Take a mind mini holiday any chance you can get. It will recharge you and let you get back to life with a little bit of zest and clear thoughts.

I would love to hear in the comments how you find time for yourself, or what you struggle with. Let me know if you had a mind mini holiday this week!

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If you would like to relax in front of a painting which gives you a mind mini holiday, click here

relax in front of a painting, a mini holiday

relax in front of a painting, a mini holiday

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