A myriad of colour, shades and hues which create feelings and emotions

I sometimes think I see colour in the world totally differently to everyone else. Where people say they see grey, I see a myriad of colour and shades of blue, pink, lilac, green. In a red poppy I see a thousand shades and hues. To me painting isn’t able being able draw, about being able to see’

Black or grey don’t exist to me as a colour in nature. Look at any of my paintings and you will see that even a shadow is made up of a rainbow. Colour is the most crucial element of my work. In using subtle blending and often intense colour her paintings take on a lost a three dimensional quality and almost leap from the canvas.

Colours have such a massive impact on feelings and emotions, they can lift you and energise you or relax and soothe you. When choosing the right painting with a client, colour is often the main deciding point in finding what feeling they want to get from the painting.

Come and see an original to really get the effect!

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