InspirationInspired by Nature

From my earliest memories, I remember looking at the world around me and drawing a breath of excitement, seeing nature in all its variety and beauty. My parents would be nagged every weekend to drive out of London and wander through Virginia Waters, RHS Wisley, woodlands, coasts. I was always happiest around nature.

A sunray filtering through autumn leaves, the sparkle of light on water, the subtle colours, the vivid intensity of flowers and plants, these are the things which never fail to bring me joy. When I look at the natural world around me I cannot help but be inspired and want to capture that in my work. I translate my inspiration into my flower paintings and images of nature.

I have heard many artists say that they pour out their emotions into a painting….. it is the opposite to me. My work always gives me what I need… peace, tranquility, sensuality, energy, excitement.

Ive been told by so many people that the paintings also bring joy, wellbeing and inspiration to them.

My painting gives me the gift of feeling inspired and truly alive. I would like to pass this on to you. I have often been told that my face transforms when I am painting and a room lights up with energy. My art is a passion which fulfils me and makes me whole. The darkest periods of my life have been those when I have been unable to paint.

My greatest aim is to inspire others to also touch on these feelings through my work. To find some peace, sensuality, relaxation or be energised, to feel a bit of emotion. If I can achieve that, then I will live with a big grin on my face!


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