Loves Glow commision in-situCommissions from Anita Nowinska make a fantastic gift for a special occasion or as a luxurious treat to yourself.

Many of Anita Nowinska’s paintings have been created on a commission basis and she particularly loves working this way. Choosing a favourite flower, a place or landscape with special meaning, a portrait of a loved one or a mood you want to create in your home or office is a personal way to bring creativity into your life.

As a client, you take an active part in the process, expressing what you want and seeing it come to life.

‘It is always such an exciting challenge to interpret what a person really wants from a painting, the colours, the emotion, the feelings they want it to evoke. Sometimes the way they want it to transform a space. Seeing a client’s face light up when they receive a finished piece is probably the most rewarding part of my work. Knowing that in some way I have captured an emotion and each time they look at their painting they will feel something special.’

Commissions are ideally suited to fit specifically in your home, make a fantastic gift for a special occasion, wedding, retirement, birthday or simply to look at and relax with on a daily basis as a luxurious treat to yourself.

A few memorable commissions were painting flowers from a wedding Bouquet as the couple’s gift to each other.

A triptych of vividly bright orange flowers for a very dark room with little natural light. The clients comment was ‘ Hanging my paintings was like putting on extra lights in the room, they literally lightened and brightened the entire space and turned it from a poky room to one I enjoy being in to work, they always perk me up!’

A portrait of a little dog who was a long term family member. When he sadly died a few months later, it was lovely to hear that having his cheeky expression caught there in the painting made the sadness ease and brought happy memories back.
How to order a commission

If you would like to consider having a piece of art commissioned, please get in touch with Anita either by email or telephone.

The process starts with your ideas, questions about colour, where the piece will go and often a visit to the space in question.

We discuss size, budget timing etc. once this has been agreed we move on to the planning stage. At this point a 50% deposit is taken to secure the time needed to produce the work.

If the subject is a flower, Anita will go out and find it, sketch it or bring it back to her studio, if that is not possible use her enormous library or sketches, photos and colour notes which she has collected over many years. In some cases clients provide a range of photos of a place they love or a colour they would like to be captured which can be used as a starting point or reference.

The next stage is to produce a range of layouts, sketches and colour sheets. These are pared down to a shortlist of 4-5 for you to approve, or contribute further comments.

Once you have approved of the sketch, Anita will start on the main piece.

When it is completed (if you just can’t wait) you will be emailed an image of the painting or if you prefer to get the full impact of the original, it will be either delivered or pick-up arranged. If geographically feasible Anita will deliver and hang the piece appropriately. The final 50% of the payment is made at this point. Framing of the painting can be left to you or organised by us.

The final stage is to make a big mug tea, or pour a fine glass of wine (depending on your preference) sit down and indulge yourself in being the owner of a unique piece of art, made just for you. Relax, enjoy and appreciate!

Copyright of all pieces remains with the artist.

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