Creating change to Change something!- In Art or in Life

Posted on July 28, 2016


Creating change can be easier than you think. Have you found that there are times when you just feel a bit stuck? You want to get on and do things but something just pulls you back? Something keeps you from doing what you need to move forward?

I’ve been feeling a bit like that recently. Eager to move forward and get on with things, but with so much on my mind that I end up stagnating and feeling tired!

Is it A Pattern?

I’ve felt like this before, so I remembered what it was that has moved me out that feeling in the past and it is such a simple thing…

In order to create change … I need to change something. Simply doing something different, changing things about a bit can have a real affect on the energy around me and change and shift other things too. The sort of things which have worked in the past were

  • Changing the furniture around in a room
  • Going and doing something new, which Ive never tried before
  • Dressing in a colour I wouldn’t normally wear
  • Doing something familiar in a totally different way!
Green garden- Flower Painting-Anita Nowinska

Creating change- Spontaneous painting of Wisley’s walled garden borders. Green, white and yellow in a mass of wildness



This time I chose the last of those. Realising that part of the feeling was a nostalgia and sadness around being  far from places and people I loved since we moved to Devon.

Change can be disruptive, so change the the feeling

Although I have some fabulous new friends here, there is something comforting about the friends who you have known or years and years. Who know every aspect of you and love you just as you are. The places you loved to go and felt safe and happy in.

So yesterday I grabbed a piece of a different surface which had been in a drawer for years and went at it with pastels, alcohol, watercolour and brushes and fingers. I wanted to quickly capture  being back at Wisley when I popped in there for an hour last week on the way to the airport.

It worked for me. This was a totally different style and way of painting for me. Just by shifting my perspective and trying something new, my whole thinking changed, my mood shifted and I started thinking differently. It seemed to also shift the energy around me and now I’m full of ideas and raring to go.

The painting

The painting I created ‘Where I belong’ I’m offering up to anyone who wants to buy it, and the money will go to supporting children with learning difficulties. I just want the image which moved me into a different space to do the same for someone else.

Go, on make a few shifts for yourself and see what happens. Creating change can make so much difference.

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