Flower garden painting, Echinacea Inspiration to fight SAD

Posted on November 16, 2016

Creating a Flower Garden Painting

The journey of creating ‘Inspiration’, my flower garden painting of Echinacea was filled with thoughts and ideas about life. Here is the video of the painting in progress and below the story behind it and how it has helped to combat SAD

The Colours of Summer

The colours summer bursts forth with are always so bright, inspiring and joyful. Reds and oranges, yellows and greens, pinks and purples. An abundance of warmth and cheer.  It’s easy to feel good in the summer. Taking time to be amongst nature is one of the most relaxing and healing things you can do.

The warmth of sun on skin and the vibrant colours around, lift the spirits. It’s easy to feel healthy and full of vitality when nature is blooming and full of life. It’s a time of year when it is easy to do the things which inspire you. Walks through the lush countryside, visits to gardens and parks. Days on the beach and picnics by the river. Spending time painting, reading, playing sports all glow with inspiration and make us feel healthy.

Flower Garden paintings InspirationFlower gardens inspiring Paintings

Wanting to capture these feelings led to the creation of this flower garden painting. Not only a joy in the moment, providing inspiration & relaxation. It was also the knowledge that only a few months away was the long dark winter, the days of cold and grey. Capturing the glory of the summer garden border was a purposeful capturing of the colours which will see me  through the winter months

Combating SAD with a flower garden painting

Capturing those colours also captured the feelings that resting in a summer garden generate. warmth, ease, rest, energy. Something which can be used as the seasons change.

Every winter the minute the clocks change, my body starts to suffer. Feelings of sadness, a closing down of the energy, tiredness and heavy limbs. As the light and colour disappear from the world, so many of us find ourselves sinking.

This gloomy feeling even has it’s own name these days. SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Wrapping a large percentage of the population in exhaustion.

Combating winter’s blues can be a struggle, but over the years I have found many things which really help. The colours of summer being one of the most powerful. Surrounding yourself with summer colour in the winter really lifts the spirits, be it on your wall, your clothing or house decor.

How Colour can lift the spirits

So as the days draw in and the light disappears, it’s vital to replace it with the energy of inspiration. 

Coincidentally, the Echinacea flowers featured in the Flower garden painting ‘Inspiration’, are also use in flower remedies to support the immune system and fight off the colds and flus winter brings. How appropriate for them then to also splash their colour onto the wall and lift the spirits with warmth.

Surrounding yourself with warm colours and light can have a powerful effect to lift the spirits and make you feel good. Make sure you have around you bright pinks, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, peach and bright green. These colours make you smile and bring back the memory of warm summer days

Things you can do to lift the spirits and stay inspired

So, if you are feeling a little bit tired or down as winter approaches here are a few things to perk you up which work for me and full me with inspiration

  • Wear bright warm colours. Soft fabrics in reds and pinks, purples and oranges. Having these colours on instantly makes you feel warm and bright
  • Brings these colours into your surroundings. a big bright painting on the wall, bright cushions scattered around, throws and shawls adding a splash of warmth.
  • Change some of your lights to daylight bulbs. These bulbs mimic sunlight and can make the body believe it is receiving sunlight. They really do lift the spirits
  • Do things which inspire you and make you feel good. Spend time to yourself doing what you love, paint, read, do sports, laugh with friends. Its a great way of combating the blues.
  • If you spot a blue sky and a sunny day, however cold, drop everything and get out there! Snuggle up in warm cloths and get walking, the light and the exercise release endorphins and you’ll feel great instantly.
  • Indulge yourself. Take time to rest and relax. Snuggle up in front of a fire. Nestle a luscious hot chocolate and put on your favourite woolly socks (brightly coloured of course). Cuddle up with a loved one and watch a feel good movie!
  • Use Echinacea flower remedies to boost the immune system and fight off the germs.

All of these have worked for me over the years.  Let me know what tricks you use to feel good in the winter!

The memories of summer happiness will always reside in for me in ‘Inspiration, my flower garden painting of Echinacea

Inspiration- Flower garden painting of Echinacea is available as on original painting here 

or as a limited edition print here

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