How to choose Art for your home

Posted on September 19, 2017

How to choose Art for your home

How to choose Art for your home, you’d think it was easy, wouldn’t you? But it is a question so may people ask me. 

There is so much choice, so many styles, colours, that it is easy to feel confused. Add to that the question of budget and whether what you like suits your home and it’s enough to give anyone a headache.

So, I’d like to give you a few shortcuts and ideas about how to deal with this creative conundrum.

Why do I need Art in my home?

I heard a fabulous quote from Gwenn Seemel the other day, which made me smile, because I’ve always believed it:

‘Art is a necessity, not a luxury!’

Huh? You might say. How is that? It’s the last thing I think of… Isn’t it really expensive? Why do I need it?

The one thing I know for a fact is that if you have had Art on your walls at any time, a place loses all its soul when you take it down, consequently it feels barren and empty. When I take work down for an exhibition, I can’t stand being in the room with a big blank wall staring at me.

In the same way, a home or room without Art is missing personality and mood.

Loves Glow - autumn leaves- original painting

Love’s Glow,warm glowing colours of autumn leaves- original painting in the room it was made for

So, Why should you buy some Art?

  • First of all, Art brings life, character and mood into your home much as furniture does.
  • Art brings something really special into a room, it completes the space and in a way the person themselves.
  • The Art you choose says something about you as a person because it is an expression of your taste..
  • Art completes a space,  a room without art is like going out permanently dressed in a grey tracksuit.
  • Art can influence and change the way you feel. Both in mood and wellbeing.
  • Art  complements and accentuates an interior.
  • People really engage with Art whether they like the piece or not and creates a talking point.
  • Art brings creativity, personality, life into your space.
  • Art is priceless, you have it forever, pass it down to your children. A family heirloom. Especially if it’s something you love or have had commissioned.
  • Good Art is timeless
  • Art is an investment. Buy art from an up and coming artist and the work will often go up in value.

 How do I know what to choose?

How to choose Art for your home can be confusing, I get that. It’s easy to be influenced by fashion, other peoples opinions or just choose a generic print Ikea because it’s the easy thing to do.

However, if you follow a few simple guidelines it can be a joyful experience. 

If you are working with a good designer or artist they can also help guide you, but the ultimate choice need to make you happy.

So what do you need to think about when considering how to choose art for your home?

  • First of all, get yourself thinking about what you want the Art to achieve. So, is it to create a mood? Bring you a certain feeling or memory or to complement an interior? If you’d like to read about how different colour affect feelings and mood, read here
  • Think about what are you like, what interests you? Are you interested in flowers, gardens and landscapes or do you love towns and sharp modern lines? Do you have something you are passionate about like horses or cars? These things can guide you towards subject matter.
  • Is there a place or memory which makes you feel wonderful and you would like to have a reminder of?
  • How do you respond to colours? Colour has such a massive impact on the way we feel. Start to notice how you react to different colours. Consequently do you want something which is broody and moody or do you want something which lights you up or relaxes you? to read about how you can bring colour into your life read here


  • You will be looking at it for a long time, so make sure it is something that you really connect with. Therefore, don’t let fashion, or other people decide for you. It’s good to get some help and advice , however,  at the end of the day, make sure it is something you really love, because it’s you who will live with it.
  • You’ll know when its the right painting. You will look at it and something inside just gets a whoosh of pleasure or a strong sensation. That means you’re connecting with the Art. If you feel indifferent about it, its not the right one for you!


  • Where will hang? Is it to be a centerpiece or to add personality to a cosy corner? How big do you want it to be?
  • What else is in the space? What colours and tones? There is nothing worse than a stunning piece of Art hung in a space where it is clashing and discordant with its surroundings or just gets lost. Contrasting colours can be very effective, but make sure it’s not going to be an eyesore just because it has been hung in the wrong surroundings.
  • Do you want a clean modern look or something more traditional?
  • How will it be framed? Good framing can make or break a painting and its effect.
  • What is your budget? So think about it, you probably spend a good couple of thousand on the sofa, hundreds on the TV and anything in between on pieces of furniture. It’s also likely you will change it a few years down the line. Art is a crucial part of an interior, allocate it the appropriate sum! If you have a lower budget there are always options for very good prints at reasonable prices.
pink, cerise flower painting in pink room

The showy cerise painting Diva fits perfectly into this bright and feminine interior. It shows the character strength of its owner

How to find the perfect Art for you

The first and most important thing to remember is that if you are buying Art which is costing you a fair bit, you want to ensure its something you will love for a long time.

Personally, I’d say steer away from the momentary fads and fashions unless you are happy to get rid of and replace it next year when the next ‘in thing ‘ comes along. Remember those flying ducks and reindeer heads made out of card?

What to do…

  • Notice what draws you in in other peoples homes, restaurants, galleries etc.
  • Search Google for paintings of the subject matter or colour you are interested in.
  • Start following on instagram, pinterest, facebook the Art of artists whose work attracts you.
  • Once you’ve seen something from an artist you like, have a good look through their website.
  • Furthermore sign up to artists newsletters on their website and you well often get sneak first looks at their new work or special offers!
lilac & turquoise flower painting- spiritual uplift

Lilacs and Turquoise– Colours of the soul creating a co-ordinated soothing interior

  • Ask for help from the artist or an interior designer to help guide you as to what might look best in a space
  • If you are buying to go with a colour scheme you may change often, think about whether you want an original or a print.
  • Don’t be frightened, put off, shy or intimidated by the idea of contacting an artist direct. We love to talk about our work and help advise what might be right for you! We are just normal people, like you… just with dash of passion about messing about with paint! An artist is the best person to explain their art and what they could do for you. 
  • With the internet, the world is your oyster if you want to know how to choose art for your home, you can now dip into a worldwide pool of beautiful work.
  • alternatively, you want to support a local artist in their work

The ULTIMATE way to find Art special to you.

Now, if you really want to feel special and have a piece of Art created just for you, the way ahead is a commission.

Many artists love to work closely with a client to create an Artwork which will make your heart sing. talk to the artist whose work you like and they will be able to ask you questions and come up with ideas you may not even have thought of. Don’t be worried about calling an artist, I for one love to discuss possible ideas and solutions for my clients.

A good, professional artist will work with you to bring exactly what you want. ( see my next blog about commissioning art for more about this process)

With modern technology you can take away a lot of the guesswork consequently when working with clients too far to visit, I can show them how particular colours or images will actually look on their wall.

(click here to find out more about commissions or call me on 673-129-1541, email for help and advice or to see what would make you feel special)

Your space will be transformed 

Whichever way you choose to go, buying online, at an artists studio or exhibition or from a gallery, once you have a piece of Art in your home, you will never look back.

You never know maybe you’ll end up being a collector!

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