Impermanence- Poppy Flower painting, The freedom of letting go of attachment-

Posted on August 23, 2016

Impermanence- Poppy Flower painting

Based on a Poem

Impermanence, my poppy flower painting : Part of a series of flower paintings inspired by the poetry of Paul Warren Goldstein. The painting has taught me wonderful lessons and reminders in the work.

The first poem I chose to paint is ‘Impermanence’ and I found the words translating for me into nature’s teaching and guidance, the painting ended up meaning so much more to me’… here are Paul’s words

Interpreting the poem into a flower painting.

Nature is the purest example of Impermanence and in impermanence, lack of attachment. A Poppy Flower painting seemed like the way ahead.

In Nature, change is constant, from moment to moment day to day. The cycles of time, weather, growth and death move and undulate. Therefore I wanted to capture this in a flower painting

Choosing the subject matter, it became clear to me how every moment of life is beautiful in it’s own way. Aesthetically one may be drawn to the field of poppies in its full glory. Red petals, delicate in the sun and expect that that is the highest moment of beauty. 

That moment was beautiful, but the petals last a mere day, fall, disappear. As they fade every moment after has it’s own wonder.  The changes in colour,  as the seedpods ripen then shed their precious cargo to create the next generation. So this Poppy Flower painting focussed on the pods, not the flowers.

Impermanence- meadow, flower painting by Anita Nowinska

Thoughts as I create the flower painting

To be unattached to expectation, to what we suppose we desire, is to have true freedom.

To see the wonder of every moment in time and take from it what it has to offer, what it has to teach.

Being unattached to things, we truly take what is offered by every moment. Be it beautiful, happy, difficult or sad. Taking what it is, appreciating and learning but knowing that the next moment gives change, wisdom, options.

Hence to be in that moment and love it just as is it has an amazing power. Just to be , accept and be unattached to it remaining so.

It gives a great sense of freedom, a lightening of the soul, a freeing from worry. Not being attached to the moment, all change is possible.. anything can be..

The original Poppy Flower painting is available to purchase from my shop here . It is the first is a series of paintings based on Paul’s poetry. They will be included in an inspirational book and greeting cards to be framed with the painting and poem together.



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