Flower Paintings – Big Flowers

Flower Paintings- my greatest passion

Please enjoy browsing through my big Flower Paintings.

The core and soul of my work, my flower paintings really express who I am. Creating them has been an amazing journey for me and my greatest passion.

At a dark time in my life, I started painting flowers and they healed and lifted me when I most needed it. Generating energy, relaxation and peace, they lift any space they are hung in.

A love of Nature – Noticing the details

Wandering through gardens, the countryside, the moors I  constantly have my breath taken away by the beauty of flowers. Their variety and intricate details. The tiny nuances and multitude of shades and tones. Looking into the center of a flower I see the magic of nature. I’m fascinated by the tiny details we so often miss just for not looking closely.

I spend so much time wandering through gardens,so my most favourite places are the RHS gardens at Wisley, where a piece of my soul permanently resides. I used to go there three times a week when I lived in Surrey. Each day saw something different, things changing from day to day as flowers bloom and fade. It’s the place I miss most since I moved. My flower paintings are a constant reminder of the places I love.

Flower paintings creating healing, mood & feeling

Each Flower painting generates it own mood and emotion and has it’s own story to tell. Every one of them has taught me valuable lessons. Unique in their own way, every one has healed and inspired me. I hope you feel their energy and might choose to enjoy one in your own home. You can read about the stories behind each painting and watch videos of them being created in my blog posts which show me painting them and the thoughts as I work.

To buy a Flower painting just click on the shop button above.

If the one you love is not available you can commission a painting designed just for you. I will create a Flower Painting based on what you want to feel in your space, your memories or favourite colours.

I also love immortalising wedding bouquets in a painting, to provide a lasting heirloom which a family can take into the future as a memory of their happy day.

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