Pink Cherry Blossom Painting- Liberty

Posted on January 11, 2017

Pink Cherry Blossom- One in a million

The inspiration behind my Pink Cherry Blossom painting ‘Liberty’ came on a sunny Spring day, sitting beneath the clouds of pink flowers.

We are all used to seeing Pink Cherry Blossom is masses of delicate clouds covering the trees in Spring. The overall effect is stunning, but in amongst the crowd, each perfect little blossom has it’s own beauty and perfection. It must millions of individual blooms to make up the amazing spectacle of Spring. 

However, if you look closely, each one of those tiny pink cherry blossom has its own character. each catching the sunlight in a unique way. 

A bit like us. part of a crowd, a population, each unique

Process of painting

Knowing I wanted to depict the pink cherry blossom painting in my own way, I therefore picked one solitary flower and took a closer look. Sketching it out and slowly looking at it’s details. 

pink cherry blossom- flower paintingProgress shots of Liberty- pink cherry blossom flower painting

It never ceases to amaze me, how nature has managed to create so much beauty and detail. In that mass of blooms, the individual flower is so full of wonder. Tiny protruding stamen emerge from a glowing center, their little bundles of pollen tempting passing bees and insects. Tissue fine petals fold and ruffle around the center, like a ballerinas Tutu. The pink cherry blossom painting slowly took shape and as usual took my thought wider.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone

Throughout the process of creating the pink cherry blossom painting, my thoughts focussed on peoples fear to stand out from the crowd. It’s so easy to want to blend in, be part of a bigger whole. To be lost is mediocrity and stay in the shadows. To me, this one lone pink cherry blossom represents the courage to stand alone. 

On it’s own this one flower is enough. It has it’s singular beauty. It catches the sunlight and glows. Having uniqueness and personality. Without each lone flower, there would be no splendour of blossom, each plays it’s part.

The same with us. Each one of us as a person has their own beauty and talents. Lost amongst the throng, we forget who we are.

Sometimes, it’s good to just stand alone. Take a good long look in the mirror at who we are and appreciate our uniqueness. To allow ourselves to shine.

In appreciating ourselves we can take time to look at those around us.  Appreciate them for their own singular good points. 

When we can value ourselves and value others that whole becomes a more beautiful place.

‘Liberty’- Pink Cherry Blossom painting

The pink cherry blossom painting ‘Liberty’ is 40x40cm depicted in pastel on sand board.

It is framed in a deep profile white box frame with a 10cm border all around. The whole framed painting being 60x60cm.

It is available as an original painting here or as a limited edition giclee print in a range of sizes here

painted in the middle of a cold grey winter it warmed me up and brought back the hope and light that Springtime always brings.

On a wall, it does the same thing. Providing everlasting sunshine. I hope you enjo


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