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Commissiones flower painting by Anita Nowinska

I have worked with Anita for a long time in the capacity of her Framer do I know her work intimately. I have always loved flowers especially those done in Pastel and Anita’s work fascinates me with its wonderful colours and textures.  I never considered commissioning my own pastel until we redecorated our lounge and dining room and suddenly had a large empty space crying out for something stunning. Anita visited me to discuss ideas and after a series of sketches, we agreed upon a 150cms wide splash of daisies. The colours were perfect and I liked the idea of the daisy heads leaning to the right facing the window.  The day arrived when the panels arrived and I must admit that I had a panic. I wasn’t completely sure it was “the piece of art” that I had in mind. However I framed it and we hung it up.  I fell in love with my Daisies the minute they were on the wall. I drove my husband mad by constantly commenting on how the composition changed with different lighting, both natural and lamplight. The large daisy in the centre seemed to become three dimensional and moved. I know it’s an illusion but it is fascinating. I have since bought two Daisy cushions from Anita for the lounge and I love them. 
Anita is a very talented artist with an intuitive approach to her “painting with pastels” and I am thrilled to be the proud owner of these beautiful pieces.
Lyn Hall


t1 Femininity

“Anita’s art releases intense emotions in me, triggering vivid and absorbing fantasies. I lose myself in the vibrant and subtle colours and textures. Femininity has a special place in my bedroom, with its calming, sensual folds and undulations.

Flamenco releases fire and joy all in each moment as I enter into its depths. Candlelight flickers across, bringing the flames to life. A black and white sketch of trees entices me to explore a secret, dark and slightly frightening deep wood. I feel fear and excitement as I begin to search through the trees, following the subtly indicated path, hesitating at the shadows she has so skilfully included.

For me, her work with nature brings nature to life, releasing deep natural animal emotions in me.They allow me the freedom to explore my own imagination and emotions, while ostensibly being based on specific subjects, such as flowers. They allow me to appreciate and examine flowers in real life in a way I would not have done otherwise.”

Suman, Hertfordshire


t2 Refreshed

“I am fortunate enough to own three of Anita’s paintings, one being at limited edition print of ‘Show-off’. Though my favourite has to be the iris titled ‘Refreshed’. This is in our bedroom which compliments the blue and yellow of the painting. When I am stressed, had a bad day at work or just need to relax I just look at this painting and I feel as if my woes are washed away. Anita’s paintings have a magical charm that seem to calm the soul. If I could, I would certainly love to have a print of ALL of her paintings to keep me sane!!!”

Lisa Middlesex


t3 Spring in the Shadows

“I have purchased one of Anita Nowinksa’s beautiful paintings a few years ago and for a long time it hung in the hall of my home providing an amazing splash of colour and vibrant energy when anyone would enter the house. A year ago I took up a job in a residential theraputic unit for ex-offenders and after a week working outside the home I realised I missed seeing the violets/blues and whites of the flowers I had come to love every day. So now it hangs in my office bringing pleasure and joy to me, my colleagues and the residents and on a rainy day it brings light and passion. In short, Anitas art has been a constant source of joy and colour to me for over five years and everyone who sees it stops in wonder…..just to look.”

Anne from Ireland


Loves Glow in Living Room Love’s Glow

“We commissioned a painting from Anita to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary.  We had asked Anita to create a painting that reminded us of our early relationship together as well as something to symbolise our love of autumn. Anita ensured that we were involved from the very beginning with the initial idea, through the preliminary sketch stage and continuing to check in with us throughout to ensure that our expectations were met. Seeing the painting for the first time was a genuinely emotional experience. What Anita had created for us was a memory that we have held in our minds for a long time, but until now had not been able to visualise. Anita seemed to know intuitively what we wanted and I feel that our expectations were exceeded in every way. Each time we look at the painting we see a detail that we hadn’t seen before and I find that I easily lose myself in the “feeling” that it evokes. A truly wonderful experience from start to finish – thank you so much Anita.”

Charlotte & Paul, Farnham

I recently had to take down a group of Anita’s paintings in my living room, to paint the walls. As they were removed the house felt as i it had been stripped of all of its heart and soul. It looked like an empty barn with no character or feeling. I was so relieved to reinstate them once the decorating had been done. I had started to take for granted the incredible sense of peace and calm that these wonderful flower paintings brought to my home.



I have been genuinely stunned by the effect Anita”s paintings have had on my life. When I first saw them, at the Hampton Court Flower Show, i was drawn to them from across a massive marquee. The colors and voluptuous, sensual images called to me in a very powerful way. I have never really considered myself as very in touch with alternative thinking or spiritual sort of things, but these images really touched me deep inside. Over the past two years I have managed to purchase two original pastels and a couple of prints. They hang in my home. I return home from a stressful day in a very busy job and just sit on the sofa for a while getting lost in the soft shapes and subtle swirling colours of my painting. i think i had been going down a slippery path, relying on a glass or two of wine to get me feeling straight after work. these days I can just relax and let the days tension go by enjoying these amazing healing paintings. thank you Anita, You’ll be glad to know the wine is now an occasional social thing, not my crutch and i genuinely think I have you to thank for that

Alison- West Sussex

I’ve just spent the evening showing friends your very beautiful paintings.
I love every one of you paintings.It’s like being transported to another world and you are also am amazing portrait artist, I just feel very lucky to have met you, you have such a lovely soul, your work pulsates with such passion and love .You don’t seem to know you’re doing it. Anita you already give so much to people, I’m sorry to be going on again but I really am very sincere when saying your paintings are the most inspiring I’ve ever seen ,really! and I’m always going to art exhibitions.
Kind regards
Molly x

Summer Affair

I’ve had THE most amazing birthday ever this year.  Usually my husband finds my birthday a real bother, being in the middle of harvest.  This year was so different and I have to thank you for playing your part.

On 23rd Aug I was admitted to hospital with, what turned out to be, a bad reaction to a drug I was prescribed.  I was bright red all over with temp of 39.7.  It’s expected to take 2 weeks for a full recovery.  I finally came home about 11pm on 24th and there was a square parcel laying on our breakfastroom table awaiting my return.  I unwrapped it, kind of expecting it to be a small patio coffee table.  I was absolutely amazed and thrilled to find it was the painting I had fallen in love with at Hampton.Surprised smile

 Thank you for delivering it to my daughter, she had brought it up to Lincolnshire the previous week end.  Paul was pleased when I unwrapped it to see it again.  We are both thrilled with it and it looks perfect in our bedroom (that’s where I’m trying to get it to live).  It’s been such a beautiful uplifting thing to come home from hospital and have to look at.  As I’m bed resting I’ve spent hours looking at it and find my eyes just move around all the petals and I can see you have captured all the slight imperfections that roses have and yet it still looks a fresh, healthy and beautiful rose.
Many thanks for getting it here safely by delivering it.
Kind regards,
Suzy Smile


cerise pink for confidence

Confidence energy, feminine strength

It was so wonderful to meet you . I felt that we had a real connection and that you understood exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your generous spirit and incredible intuition. I am really excited about the painting and “sketches”. Life has been pretty grey since my divorce and the commission you did for me has just totally lifted my spirits and changed my perspective on life. Calling  it ‘Confidence’ was just so right as that is exactly what it has given me. It was an inspired idea of yours to frame the preparatory sketches and hang them, they have become such a talking point at dinner parties and it is amazing to see how you developed the painting and the wonderful quotes about the significance of the peony and the pink colour. Thank you for giving me a much needed boost!
Lesley, Godalming
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